Your heating system keeps your home comfortable and your family warm, so you should always turn to the best furnace maintenance/repair service in Calgary. The Furnace Cleaning Services offers effective and reliable peace of mind. Using only certified gas fitters, our team provides a variety  of service packages for furnaces:

Furnace Cleaning/Inspection Package

Our cleaning packages are designed to:
  • Optimize full life expectancy of your equipment
  • Provide efficient cost-effective operation
  • Correct potential problems before they start
  • Have equipment meet manufacturers safety and operating standards
  • Help minimize breakdowns
  • Provide a written report with recommendations for any services that are required
A Furnace Inspection Package includes the following:
  • Electronically analyze for the presence of carbon monoxide and combustible gases and leave a printout of results
  • Inspect heat exchanger for cleanliness and possible cracks or other defects•    Check main burner and pilot for cleanliness, ignition of main burner and safety controls for proper operation and correct setting
  • Check operation of blower assembly, adjust as required and inspect blower belt for deterioration
  • Lubricate motors and other moving parts
  • Check and adjust fan control as required
  • Check blower motor amperage
  • Inspect condition of chimney and/or venting system
  • Complete a venting spillage test
  • Check temperature rise and adjust if necessary
  • Check filter and air distribution system for blockages or other obstructions
  • Check for sufficient combustion air
  • ​Ensure furnace meets Fuel Safety Regulations
  • Inspect humidifier damper for proper seasonal setting
​A Deluxe Furnace Cleaning Package includes the Furnace Inspection and the following:
  • Clean main burner and pilot assembly
  • Clean blower assembly
  • Replace blower belt where necessary
  • ​Clean or replace filter as required (standard filters only)

​If you have a boiler or fan coil unit please call us for more details.