Gas fireplace cleaning package

  • electronically analyze flu gases for presence of CO and combustible gases and leave a printout of results
  • clean accessible vent connections
  • remove logs and clean any lint or dust from main burner and pilot assembly
  • check to see all burner ports are functioning and that pilot is correctly adjusted
  • re-install logs and ensure they do not impinge burner flame
  • check for sufficient combustion air
  • check gas pipe and fittings where accessible
  • inspect fan operation and controls
  • clean glass assembly and re-install
  • provide a written report with recommendations for any services that are required

Gas Fireplace and Cleaning Service

Benefits of having your fireplace cleaned

  • optimize full life expectancy of your fireplace
  • provide efficient cost-effective operation
  • help correct problems before they start
  • meet manufacturers' safety and operating standards
  • provide enjoyment in viewing, knowing your fireplace is clean and safe