Ultra Violet Air Treatment

Take your first steps towards Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air

What can the “The Germinator “Air Treatment System do for you?

Ultra Violet UVC is particularly effective at controlling airborne pollutants like mold, virus, bacteria & microbials. First utilized by Danish Nobel laureate Dr. Niels Finsen, Ultra Violet is now used in many of our hospitals & medical centers to control airborne infectious agents. These unique, air quality devices can be installed in our own heating & cooling systems to improve the “Health of our Indoor Air”.

Dual Technology – The Germinator works 2 ways to purify your indoor air.

First, we electronically create wavelengths of UVC Ultra Violet light using our GCA process - “Germicidal Cleansing Action”. These high potency wavelengths work to kill & control airborne microbials by penetrating their cells. This sterilizing “GCA” process helps to disinfect & purify our indoor air. Next we add our PRT - “Parabolic Reflective Technology”. The Clean Comfort Ultra Violet reflective technology dramatically enhances performance by boosting the UVC “killing” effect. (Up to 90%)This means Dual Technology is at work to help cleanse & purify your indoor air.

Note: In some areas air cleaning products are covered by medical insurance and may also be tax deductible, if prescribed by a physician. This will vary according to local legislation. Please download the form and have it signed by your physician.